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[GELORA45] Secessionists drawing inspiration from Scots



Baru Nyaho...............  Rasain Lu !!!  Inggris Raya sebuah  Negara Kerajaan > BEKAS IMPERIUM KOLONIALISME dimasa lalu dan Negri PEMECAH BELAH Negara2 Berkembang didunia dewasa kini dengan Politik Pemecah belahnya ( Divide et Impera ) , sekarang sedang sekarat menglami PERPECAHAN  didalam Imperiumnua sendiri.

> Iralndia Utara lepas 
> Sekarang Scotland ingin bebas dan Independent 
> Kemungkinan diasa mendpatng IRLANDIA  KESELURUHANNYA  akan menuntut Kemerdekaannya dari 

* The Australian Aborgin seems to be the most wise Native people in the world who created the most unigue but effective " U turn  tool  called > BOOMERANG < , which is now a very good and useful  tool to Britain itself  ........

* The world has been changed sice The II W.W  ....so does the political credo thta goes, 

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Secessionists drawing inspiration from Scots

Date September 13, 2014

Katrin Bennhold In Steenokkerzeel

For Kurt Ryon, the mayor of Steenokkerzeel, a Flemish village 16 kilometres north-east of Brussels, watching the Scottish independence campaign in the final days before the referendum is like watching a good game of soccer.
''They were losing for the first half and most of the second half,'' he said, ''but now we're in the 85th minute and they could be winning.''
Mr Ryon, who wants his native Flanders to split from Belgium, is rooting for Scotland to do the same from Britain.
From Catalonia to Kurdistan to Quebec, nationalist and separatist movements in Europe and beyond are watching the Scottish independence referendum closely - sometimes more so than Britons themselves, who seem to have only just woken up to the possibility Scotland might vote next Thursday to bring to an end a 307-year union. A curious collection of left and right, rich and poor, marginal and mainstream, these movements are united in the hope their shared ambition for more self-determination will get a lift from an independent Scotland.


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